5 Differences between VPS and Dedicated Server

Choosing a server for your business is likely to present you with two options: dedicated and virtual private servers (VPS). There are some key differences between them, each of which you’ll need to take into consideration before deciding which makes the most sense for you and your company.


1. Scalability




VPS have both high and low-end options available, meaning you can scale the hosting to the size of your business. It’s often the go-to solution for companies who have outgrown their shared hosting and are looking for a new solution. With a dedicated server, however, most experts recommend it is only worthwhile if you’re receiving hundreds of thousands of visitors to your site each month.


2. Cost




In light of the above, it is usually the case that dedicated servers are more expensive to run. VPS, on the other hand, usually provide a more cost-effective option, as they come with technical support without a hefty price tag. Cloud hosting VPS is fast becoming the go-to option for financially-savvy businesses.


3. Control




One of the main reasons to opt for a dedicated server is control – you will be responsible for maintaining the hardware. Having said this, it’s not always something that business owners want or need. Knowing there’s a support team on hand to deal with any issues with a VPS can be far preferable to being in control of every aspect of a dedicated server.

4. Practicality




VPS share a single server, instead of running a hosting account on one particular computer, as is the case with a dedicated server. Essentially, the resources of a VPS are split between different websites or hosting accounts, giving you root access to a server.



5. Performance



One of the key reasons businesses choose dedicated servers is for their power and performance. In some respects, VPS lack some of the capabilities of a dedicated server, but in terms of the cost savings available, this is often something that companies are willing to trade. If performance is your primary goal, then a dedicated server may be the best choice.