How many WordPress sites are there?

WordPress has long been one of the most popular platforms for blog or website creation. Its easy-to-use format makes this content management system (CMS) the go-to solution for millions of businesses worldwide.

So, given its popularity, just how many sites are there powered by WordPress? And what is it that makes the platform so appealing?


What is WordPress?



WordPress was launched in May 2003 by founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. It has gone from strength to strength over the past 16 years, relying on a template format and plug-in system to enable users to customise their content.

The CMS started life as a blog-creation platform, but has since evolved into a much more flexible tool.

It is perhaps this flexibility that makes it so popular. Users can use the open-source CMS to create anything from a relatively simplistic blog, right through to a fully functional website capable of dealing with online orders and much more.


How many versions of WordPress are available?


Two forms of the CMS are available; – sometimes known as open-source WordPress – enables users to install a web host where they can create and own their website. is powered by this software, but is a paid-for service that doesn’t come with the same flexibility.



How popular is WordPress?


Estimates suggest that as many as a third of websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. A recent survey from netcraft reveals that 75 million websites use WordPress, with around half of these being hosted on the shared hosting platform.

And its popularity isn’t stopping there. WordPress is still growing, not least because it is currently available in as many as 120 different languages. Some of the world’s top companies use WordPress to power their websites, which is testament to its quality and functionality.


Where do I start?


WordPress may be one of the most accessible platforms around, but there’s still no substitute to having a professional web developer working on your website.