How to force QMail to use specific IP address as a source for Outgoing connections

DNS Servers

Messages are not copied to the Sent folder when using IMAP

Basic Email Settings

Git on the Centos Server

Benefits of Web Hosting Services

  Shared Hosting Many business owners enter the world of website hosting by signing up for a shared hosting service. At this level hundreds or thousands of other customers share the storage space and computing resources of one server. This economical and extremely popular service is very welcoming to beginners and small businesses due to […]

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5 Differences between VPS and Dedicated Server

Choosing a server for your business is likely to present you with two options: dedicated and virtual private servers (VPS). There are some key differences between them, each of which you’ll need to take into consideration before deciding which makes the most sense for you and your company.

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How many WordPress sites are there?

WordPress has long been one of the most popular platforms for blog or website creation. Its easy-to-use format makes this content management system (CMS) the go-to solution for millions of businesses worldwide. So, given its popularity, just how many sites are there powered by WordPress? And what is it that makes the platform so appealing? […]

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