What does system integration mean?


What does system integration mean?


System integration essentially means bringing together items of hardware and software so they operate
as one single unit. It can be critical to the success of your business, enabling your organisation to work
effortlessly with all its systems, reducing costs in the process.

Integrating systems is no easy task, which is why companies often enlist the help of an expert to make
sure everything runs smoothly. Even the slightest error can make it difficult for a business to operate,
which is why there’s no substitute for having an expert on board.


Why is system integration so important?


Infrastructure is crucial to any complex environment – and IT is no exception. Modern-day businesses
have no shortage of systems, hardware and software at their disposal, and making sure they work in
unison is imperative.

It is common for companies to invest in new systems, applications and hardware as they become
available. Although at face value it may seem they are benefiting your operations, a lack of cohesion
may actually mean these investments are slowing you down – unless system integration is carried out.
Data flows are also critical to the success of the day-to-day running of any company, and having the right
people, technology and processes in place will ensure it is able to move freely. There’s also the added
requirement for data to be properly stored and maintained under GDPR, which is something else a
system integration expert will be able to take care of.


Can I automate core processes?


Automation is in high demand, not least because companies find themselves with increasingly fewer
man-hours at their disposal. When integrating your systems, automation can be taken into account to
ensure your business isn’t wasting valuable time and resources.
There’s also potential for automation to ultimately save on labour costs. Business owners don’t have to
stay on top of the latest technology trends, as an integrated system can be updated as and when it is


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Processes and workflows will vary from business to business. A good system integration professional will
be able to analyse how your company operates and come up with a strategy that meets your individual

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